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Can't find the amputee supply you're searching for...?

We understand that everyone uses different prosthetic components to reach his or her daily goals. For this reason we offer our Virtually Anything service. We will assist you in replacing your essential prosthetic supply, when not displayed on Amputee Store.

Our experienced staff will search for your requested amputee supplies and then provide you with a price. Decide next whether to proceed further and purchase.

  • No Obligation to purchase
  • No Sales Pitch

Provide our Team with any necessary information by submitting the form. Expect a response within 24-48 hours from your assigned ABC Certified Prosthetist after he or she has reviewed your product request. During this stage our Prosthetist may have a few easy questions for you to ensure accuracy of product selection.

  • Once the correct component is found we will email you our price.
  • Proceed with payment or let us know if you’re not interested.
  • Due to safety issues Amputee Store may not sell certain prosthetic products that would require the knowledge and expertise of your local Prosthetist

Amputee Store cannot provide prosthetic advice, suggestions, and/or recommendations. Amputee Store can not provide the following products or services:

  1. Prosthetic Feet
  2. Prosthetic Knee Components
  3. Carbon Blade Feet
  4. Prosthetic Skin Care Advice
  5. Prosthetic Fabrication Supplies

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