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Inner Circle Rewards Programs FAQ

Amputee Store Inner Circle Rewards Program

Loyalty Rewards Overview

What are your current Loyalty Rewards?
$5 Off 100
$20 Off 350
$35 Off 500
$100 Off 1000
How do I join the Inner Circle Loyalty Program?

Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled. If you do not have a store account, join the Inner Circle Loyalty Program today by clicking here to create your account.

How do I earn Points?

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent! Rewards are issued as coupons.

Note: points are not earned for any shipping fees, taxes or discounts applied.

How do I redeem my rewards?

First, you need to be signed into your store account. Rewards can be redeemed through the Loyalty Rewards Page which can be accessed by tapping "Inner Circle Rewards" widget located at the bottom of each store page. After you redeem your loyalty points for a reward, a unique one-time discount code will be displayed on the Rewards Loyalty Page. You can copy and apply the discount code during checkout when you place an order.

How do I use my rewards?

Rewards are issued as coupon codes. Remember to apply the reward coupon code on the payment page during checkout.

Note: Rewards coupons cannot be combined with any other coupon codes.

How about the fine print?
  1. Excludes taxes, discounts, and shipping. Please note that we cannot combine accounts or award points for returned or cancelled purchases. Amputee Store reserves the right to limit the number of rewards.
  2. Coupon codes cannot be combined. Only one coupon code may be used per purchase.
Will my Inner Circle Loyalty Rewards Points Expire?

No, your Inner Circle Loyalty Rewards Points will not expire.

If I return a portion or all of my order can I still keep my points?

No, the value of all returned items will be deducted from your available points.

Review & Share Your Experiences

How do I receive a coupon for writing a review?

After you've been using your new supplies for a week or so, we will send you an email asking your opinion. Once your review is submitted and approved by our team, expect to receive a unique coupon code via email to be used for your next order placed on Amputee Store. Coupon codes expire after 60 Days.

How does the reviewing and sharing work?

After writing your review you will have the option to share your thoughts by either posting or tweeting your review. You will then receive a unique coupon code for both writing and sharing your review.

When you create a product review you are helping the Amputee Store community make better buying decisions.

Is there any fine print I need to know?

A customer can only earn a coupon code based on activity on once for any one specific product. Our system will not send you another coupon for reviewing the same product twice or three times.

Coupon codes expire after 60 Days.

Refer Friend(s) Rewards

How does the Refer Friends Program work?

After placing an order, those customers with an Amputee Store account, will be greeted with a "Refer and Earn! Window" offering the opportunity to refer a friend.

You can (1) enter your friends' email addresses or (2) click the button to post on Facebook or Twitter or (3) copy the unique referral link from the "Refer and Earn! Window" and send it to your friends to make referrals.

Your friends can then follow the link in the email or Facebook/Twitter post to Amputee Store. A "Welcome Window" will be displayed to your friends requesting their email address so that we can send them a coupon.

The unique coupon code will only be sent to your “Friend(s)” and is only valid for first purchases only.

When will I get my coupon for sharing with my friend(s)?

After your “Friend(s)” places his / her first referral order and apply their coupon code at checkout, our system will send a unique one-time coupon code to your registered email address. You may apply your coupon code and enjoy a reward the next time you place an order on Amputee Store!