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How long before my Amplified cover ships?

Amputee Store has an order completion and shipping goal of 1-2 weeks. We're experiencing a temporary backlog of orders and hope to get caught up soon. Our current lead time has been pushed from 2 weeks to approximately 3-4 weeks. Every cover is hand painted and this takes time. Your Amplified Prosthetic Cover will ship from Los Angeles, California, USA.

Custom hand painted tattoo service by LA tattoo artist

If you want an alike tattoo you had prior to limb loss or want to add a special tattoo to your cover, we can help. If you are serious about getting a one of a kind piece of art on your Amplified cover contact us before placing an order. Special tattoo pricing begins at an additional $75 and increases depending upon the complexity of your tattoo.

What material are the covers made out of?

Amplified Prosthetic Covers are 3D Printed using medical grade nylon material. For reference, the Soloist curated style weighs approximately 8 ounces when sized for a 5'7" individual weighing 150 pounds.

RevoFit Systems

If your prosthesis incorporates a RevoFit System or similar, please make sure when prompted to provide photos to also add photos of your Revo dial.  Include location measurements as well, for example the length between the middle of the Revo dial and top of your foot shell.

**Not all pieces of artwork are available with every underlying style pattern.

Not all pieces of artwork are available with each underlying style pattern. Only the Soloist style offers all (8) pieces of artwork.

Can I forward my saved Amplified cover and email it to my Prosthetist?

Absolutely, at any point while you are fashioning your unique cover you can use the "Save" option to either forward it to yourself, your prosthetist, or both. Your prosthetist can then assist with measuring or submitting a claim for insurance reimbursement.Forward saved designs to yourself or prosthetist.

How durable are these covers?

Amplified covers are made using the same materials as most competing prosthetic covers. Amputee Store offers a 90 day warranty and we want to make sure you are ecstatic about your Amplified cover. Our designers engineered each underlying theme with specific engineering principles in mind, allowing us to offer a stronger yet thinner profile cover. Obviously, remove your cover during high impact activities.

Are these covers waterproof?

Amplified covers are waterproof, however they do not protect your prosthesis against water, nor make it waterproof. Different curated styles have various openings and therefore are not able to keep water out of your prosthesis – but if you are wearing a prosthesis meant for water, certainly wear your cover too. If you are in a salt water environment, make sure that you rinse your cover of any salt and pat dry after you get out of the water. Salt erodes a lot of different materials and if it is left to dry, it can fade the finish of your cover.

My prosthesis is shaped differently and I have concerns about my cover fitting before ordering.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns or special requirements. When completing our contact form, please include photos of the different sides of your prosthesis, front, back, and so on.

I work at a clinic or business and would like to offer Amplified covers

We're so excited! We offer wholesale pricing to prosthetic clinics and healthcare organizations. Please contact us with your organization's information, ie name, address and so on.

I plan on getting a new prosthetic socket or complete prosthesis, should I hold off before ordering.

Amplified covers are based on measurements related to your prosthetic socket's geometry. It's ideal and strongly recommended to wait before ordering your cover.

I am a professional prosthetist or clinic: How can I get a demo cover and promotional material to show in my clinic?

We offer different options to help you promote Amplified covers in your clinic. Please contact us about any current promotions and available programs.

Warranty & Returns

Amputee Store will offer a replacement for defective or broken prosthetic covers up to 90 Days from delivery date. Our warranty does not include paint or damages from customer manipulation outside of the intended use. Amplified Prosthetic Covers are custom covers, as such Amputee Store will not issue any credits or refunds. All warranty replacements must be the same style and color as the original order. Amplified prosthetic covers ordered with incorrect measurements or without noting necessary adjustments will be replaced at a prorated cost of 50% of the original style plus the cost of shipping. All approved warranty claims will be processed and shipped within 14-21 days of approval. Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping.

Amplified covers are personalized and custom made based on your personal sizing, style, and color selections. As a result, we can not resell or donate returned covers and are unable to offer refunds on purchases made through our If you are unhappy with your Amplified cover, please contact us and we will happily do all we can to help solve any issues.