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STEP 1: Thigh Measurement

Measure the circumference of your thigh 4 inches (10 cm) above the middle of your knee cap. Continue to STEP 2: Find your size


How to measure alps clearline reinforced sleeve.

STEP 2: Find your size

Take your thigh circumference and use this chart to determine your size. If you're in-between sizes, we suggest remeasuring again to be on safe side.


Small 11 - 13
Medium 13 - 13 1/2
Large 13 3/4 - 14 1/2
X-Large 15 - 15 3/4
XX-Large 16 - 17 3/4
XXX-Large 18 - 20
XXXX-Large 20 1/4 - 22 1/2

When measuring your thigh, pay special attention to how tight you take your measurement. It's best to pull the ends of your tape measure somewhat tight and then release. Your goal is to find a middle ground of how much tension you should apply to your measuring tape. Too tight and too loose will both result in a poorly fitting prosthetic sleeve.




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ALPS South

Alps ClearLine Sleeve Reinforced SLR, Silicone, 1.5 mm

ALPS South

Alps ClearLine Sleeve Reinforced SLR, Silicone, 1.5 mm

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Alps Reinforced Clearline Description

Alps SLR Reinforced Clearline Silicone Suspension Sleeve is a below knee silicone sleeve designed for highly active below knee amputees. This is the prosthetic sleeve you want if you find yourself going to spinning class, Yoga class or out in mother nature doing what you enjoy. The high coefficient of friction provided by silicone, allows for lower compressive forces required to suspend your prosthetic leg. This benefit gives the Clearline SLR Suspension Sleeve the ability to seal to your thigh without restricting circulation. In fact, the compressive forces necessary to suspend your prosthetic leg are less than half required by neoprene prosthetic sleeves. The unique construction of the Alp SLR consists of an inner layer of silicone with an outer layer of really durable spandex.


  • **Manufacturer is experiencing 1-3 week production delays for some sizes.
  • Combines the holding power of vacuum, the very high coefficient of static friction and the durability of Spandex to handle the most active Amputees.
  • 5 mm uniform gel thickness so bunching behind the knee is a thing of the past
  • Compressive forces necessary to suspend are less than one half required for neoprene or latex
  • Ease of putting on and off
  • Hypoallergenic silicone
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold each

Suggested Use

The Alps Clearline Reinforced Sleeve is intended and designed for active amputees. This prosthetic sleeve excels when used for cycling, running and adaptive activities. It's ideal for those that are allergic to gel-type sleeves, as it's constructed using a non-toxic and non-allergic silicone.

How-to Install and Apply

Step by step guide:

Step 1: Reflect sleeve half way and sprinkle a little powder or Resilience Liquid Powder.

Step 2: While maintaining your patience, determine the front of the sleeve and start stretching your half reflected sleeve over the socket brim.

Step 3: Begin rolling and working the reflected half of your sleeve over your socket, until it's full reflected over your socket.

Step 4: Once your sleeve is fully installed, begin rolling your sleeve from the top down to a level below your socket's trimelines. When you're done it should look like a floating tube or a donut around your socket.

Step 5: Now your prosthetic limb is ready for you to place your residual limb inside and begin rolling your sleeve upward.

Note: Some people will add Prosthetic Salve over the knee cap and along the area of your skin where the top edge of the Alps Clearline will lay.

Step 6:  Your done!

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Features & Details

Alps Reinforced Clearline Materials

1.5 mm Silicone with outer layer of spandex

Care Instructions

Wash by hand with mild ph balanced soap such as Alps Cleanser. Lay flat to dry. Do Not use antibacterial or deodorant soaps as they leave a film on your skin that will cause irritation later on. Although SLR’s (Reinforced Suspension Sleeves) are considerably more durable than unreinforced silicone suspension sleeves, they are still much more delicate than latex or neoprene, therefore, proper care should be taken in their use.


Petroleum based products such as Vaseline will damage your Clearline SLR Sleeve.

Part Numbers (SKUs)

Alps Sleeve Size SKU
Small SLRS
Medium SLRM
Large SLRL


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Alps Reinforced Clearline Suspension Sleeve typically ships within 7-9 business days and may delay your order.

Product Packaging: Polybag

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