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Alps ClearLine Sleeve Reinforced SLR, Silicone, 1.5 mm

by ALPS South


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Alps ClearLine Sleeve Reinforced SLR, Silicone, 1.5 mm

by ALPS South




  • Combines the holding power of vacuum, the very high coefficient of static friction and the durability of Spandex to handle the most active Amputees.
  • 5 mm uniform gel thickness so bunching behind the knee is a thing of the past
  • Compressive forces necessary to suspend are less than one half required for neoprene or latex
  • Ease of putting on and off
  • Hypoallergenic silicone
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold each

Alps SLR Reinforced Clearline Silicone Suspension Sleeve is a below knee silicone sleeve designed for highly active BKA Amputees. This is the sleeve you want if you find yourself going to spinning class, Yoga class or out in mother nature doing what you enjoy. The high coefficient of friction provided by the silicone material allows for lower compressive forces required to suspend your prosthetic limb. This benefit gives the Clearline SLR suspension sleeve the ability to seal to your thigh without restricting circulation. In fact, the compressive forces necessary to suspend are less than one half required for neoprene or latex. The unique construction of the SLR consists of an inner layer of silicone with an outer layer of really durable spandex.


1.5 mm Silicone with outer layer of spandex

Directions for Use

Putting on your Alps SLR first requires you to turn it inside out. Then turn the sleeve upside down so the wide end is down. Slide the sleeve over your socket. Reflect or fold approximately one inch of the Clearline SLR over so that the silicone is against the socket. Place a small amount of Alps 100% Silicone Skin Lotion on your limb. Massage the skin lotion into your residual limb until it dissolves. Place a small amount of Alps Ointment or Ampu Balm on your knee cap and hamstring insertion area (directly above the rear trimelines of your socket.) Place your limb into the socket and roll up your Clearline Reinforced SLR Silicone Sleeve onto your thigh.

Care Instructions

Wash by hand with mild ph balanced soap such as Alps Cleanser. Lay flat to dry. Do Not use antibacterial or deodorant soaps as they leave a film on your skin that will cause irritation later on. Although SLR’s (Reinforced Suspension Sleeves) are considerably more durable than unreinforced silicone suspension sleeves, they are still much more delicate than latex or neoprene, therefore, proper care should be taken in their use.


Petroleum based products such as Vaseline will damage your Clearline SLR Sleeve.


Q: What should I consider when choosing a size? A: Because the SLR is made of unique material, which exhibits a very high coefficient of static friction it results in extremely high stickiness on the skin. Coupled with the sealed construction of the sleeves, translates into exceptional holding power without practically any compression. Therefore, it is very important to use the largest possible size that fits your thigh without sliding out. Q: What is the cause of delamination? A: Delamination may occur between the silicone and the spandex. This is an indication that the elongation of the spandex has been exceed during use. We have observed this to happen only when you select a sleeve size two or three times smaller than recommended. Q: Should you have a negative reactions due to the silicone construction? A: The silicone construction is the main advantage of this product. It’s non-toxic, non-allergic characteristics make it very compatible with skin and as a result the incidence of rejection is minimal. Q: What other advantages does the SLR have? A: Alps silicones have an extremely smooth surface, which maximizes holding power and minimizes dirt retention. Q: What is recommended to make putting on the sleeve easier? A: Due to the “stickiness” of the sleeve it is recommended to use Alps Ointment or Ampu balm to lubricate your limb. The ointment should be applied in areas where relative movement between the silicone and the skin is expected, such as your knee cap, hamstring insertion and sometimes the very top edge. Q: What is the expected life of the SLR? A: Because of the inherently poor cut and abrasion resistance of silicones in general, only a limited life can be expected of the sleeve, typically three months under regular use. Unfortunately, it’s to be expected that you will inadvertently damage your sleeve. If the sleeve is not cut or abused, and the top edge of your socket is taped, a long life can be expected.


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