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Knit-Rite Prosthetic Sheath, Nylon, 3 Pair/Package

by Knit Rite


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Knit-Rite Prosthetic Sheath, Nylon, 3 Pair/Package

by Knit Rite



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Sheath Size

  • Knit-Rite prosthetic sheaths provide a moisture barrier and reduce socket friction
  • Below-Knee, Above-Knee, and Arm sizes
  • Sheaths wick sweat when worn against the skin
  • Slick nylon construction lessens friction related discomfort
  • Prosthetic sheaths are available in Dusk color
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold 6 Prosthetic Sheaths per package (3 Pair)

Knit-Rite Prosthetic Sheaths are engineered to primarily reduce friction and act as a moisture barrier. Prosthetic sheaths when combined with prosthetic socks are the ideal team to combat friction. Whether you are hiking or carrying on with your day, your limb’s volume is going to fluctuate. And when volume goes up or down is when friction is at its worst. Apply a Knit-Rite Prosthetic Sheath before you add prosthetic socks will help manage friction during “limb volume fluctuation”. Knit-Rite Sheaths have transfers (Knit-Rite's logo) on both sheaths of the pair to help you position the prosthetic sheath to maximize comfort.


100% Stretch Nylon

Care Instructions

Sheaths may be hand or machine washed. Use soap or mild detergent in warm water. (No Bleach.) Rinse thoroughly. Air dry overnight or tumble dry low.


Wear a clean prosthetic sheath every day for proper residual limb care.


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