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Knit-Rite A/K Brim Prosthetic Sheath, Slick Nylon

by Knit Rite


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Knit-Rite A/K Brim Prosthetic Sheath, Slick Nylon

by Knit Rite



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  • Designed to lessen pinching and friction in an above knee prosthetic socket 
  • Ideal if you experience “skin grabbing or pulling” friction along the brim of your AK socket
  • When you're sweating it helps protect your skin along the groin area from rubbing
  • Helps reduce "adductor roll" or skin roll along the inner brim
  • Works great with a locking pin liner or seal-in liner
  • A/K Brim Sheath is made from stretchy slick nylon material
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending
  • Sold each in a polybag

The Knit-Rite A/K Brim Sheath is categorized as a prosthetic sheath because it is designed to reduce friction along the brim of your AK prosthetic socket. It’s not uncommon when wearing an A/K prosthetic leg to experience rubbing or pinching along the top brim area. Knit-Rite designed this patent pending prosthetic sheath specifically to address those high friction socket brim areas that become more irritating as the day wears on. This brim sheath will work with any type AK socket design including gel liners using a pin or seal-in systems.

The idea behind this Knit-Rite product is to create a slick interface between your socket and residual limb. When you install the A/K Brim sheath you will notice that it separates your groin skin from the prosthetic socket. On really hot days when you find yourself sweating or your residual limb is a little swollen this brim sheath will certainly get you thru the day. The A/K Brim Sheath is created from stretchy, slick nylon material, constructed in two angled sections permitting complete coverage of your prosthetic socket trimelines. It holds on using a gripper elastic band on the outside.


Slick Nylon with Top Silicone Beads

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold water. Do not tumble dry or use an iron. Air dry only.


Wear a clean A/K Brim Sheath every day for proper residual limb care.


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