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Knit-Rite Soft Sock with X-Static , Antimicrobial Fibers

by Knit Rite


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Knit-Rite Soft Sock with X-Static , Antimicrobial Fibers

by Knit Rite



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Sock Ply

  • Patented 3-Dimensional rounded toe to provide a better fit along the toe
  • Includes the Soft Sock non-roll top to prevent sock bunching
  • Soft Sock with X-Static fights odor causing bacteria
  • Soft Sock with X-Static and lycra allows enough stretch to accommodate most amputees
  • Available in Lightweight, 3 Ply and 5 Ply thicknesses
  • Not available with a Hole-In-Toe option for locking prosthetic liners
  • Do you need a Soft Sock with temperature control, research Soft Sock with Coolmax 
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold each in a sealed polybag

Knit-Rite Soft-Sock with X-Static is a prosthetic sock designed to fit a wide range of amputees and fight odor causing bacteria. This Soft-Sock contains X-Static which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus. Soft Sock with X-Static is really easy to care for and is shrink resistant. Knit-Rite claims it’s “Cuddly ‘N Soft” for a reason. Most amputees would tell you that it feels gentle and comfortable on your skin. It may be difficult to decide which Knit-Rite sock in the Soft-Soft family is right for you, either the Coolmax or X-Static. If prosthetic odor is an issue than X-Static is your prosthetic sock. If you find yourself suffering from excessive sweating and/or you use a locking prosthetic liner than take a look at the Soft-Sock with Coolmax.


90.6% Polyester, 5% X-STATIC, 4.4% Lycra

Care Instructions

Wash your Knit-Rite Soft-Socks every day right side out. Machine wash with all purpose detergent similar to Medi Wash, non-chlorine bleach only when needed. Rinse thoroughly and pull taut, toe to top. No liquid softeners. Last tumble dry, low heat.


Wear a clean soft sock prosthetic sock every day for proper residual limb care.

Knit-Rite Product Numbers
Size | Length Sock Ply Knit-Rite Product Number
Narrow | Short Lightweight 1SX1NASH
Regular | X-Short Lightweight 1SX1RGXS
Regular | Short Lightweight 1SX1RGSH
Regular | Medium Lightweight 1SX1RGMD
Wide | Medium Lightweight 1SX1WDMD
Narrow | Short 3 Ply 1SX3NASH
Regular | X-Short 3 Ply 1SX3RGXS
Regular | Short 3 Ply 1SX3RGSH
Regular | Medium 3 Ply 1SX3RGMD
Wide | Medium 3 Ply 1SX3WDMD
Narrow | Short 5 Ply 1SX5NASH
Regular | X-Short 5 Ply 1SX5RGXS
Regular | Short 5 Ply 1SX5RGSH
Regular | Medium 5 Ply 1SX5RGMD
Wide | Medium 5 Ply 1SX5WDMD


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