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Amputee Essentials Calibrate Socket Adjustment Gel Pads, Socket Enhancing, 4 Shapes

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Amputee Essentials Calibrate Socket Adjustment Gel Pads, Socket Enhancing, 4 Shapes



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  • Strategically position your prosthetic socket pads to relieve pressure points
  • Prosthetic socket padding discourages pressure-related blisters
  • Compensate for socket looseness
  • Designed with a fabric covering to reduce friction
  • Plays nicely with other gel products such as prosthetic liners
  • (4) Shapes for many different applications
  • 4mm gel thickness
  • Prosthetic Improvement Kit contains all (4) shapes
  • Add relief to your fibula head or knee cap with the Horseshoe shape
  • Place a small strip on either side of your tibia to relieve the tip of your tibia
  • Large strips are great for reducing pressure along the tip of your femur
  • Washable and reusable
  • Sold each in polybag

The Amputee Essentials Calibrate Socket Adjustment Gel Pads feature a sleek design with tapered edges for an exceptional fit. These highly versatile prosthetic socket pads allow for many applications intended to relieve pressure points, discourage blisters from friction and compensate for a loose prosthetic socket. Each shape is covered along the top with a smooth fabric to reduce friction. The flat bottom side is exposed gel that is tacky to the touch and great for making sure your prosthetic socket padding stay in place.

A few ideas on how and where to use Adjustment Gel Pads.

Below-Knee Socket Pad Use:

  1. Place the Oval Gel Pad along the back of your knee, fabric side against your skin, to tighten your socket; you can adhere the gel to the inside of your socket or prosthetic liner. Don't hesitate to place the exposed gel against your skin if you prefer.
  2. Take the Horseshoe Gel Pad and have it cradle your knee cap to tighten your BK socket and reduce your sock ply count.
  3. Place your fibula head (side bone) inside the horseshoe shape with the "U" facing up. This will create a pocket for your fibula head. Make sure the gel horseshoe is not touching your fibula head but rather surrounding it to create a pocket of relief.
  4. Each small strip pack comes with 2 strips. Place one strip along each side of your tibia to form a pocket or void for your tibia bone, thereby creating relief. BK socket pad gel side placed against your skin. Do not place these pads on your tibia but rather on both sides.

Above-Knee Prosthetic Use:

  1. Place both Large Strips, side-by-side, to relieve the end of your femur along the side. Depending upon your prosthetic system you can place these pads inside your liner, fabric side against your skin; or place in-between your inner and outer socket, along the side, above the end of your femur.
  2. Place the Oval Gel Pad just below--and not underneath--your sitting bone to help tighten your socket. Everyone is different and you can experiment whether the pad is most comfortable underneath or just below your sitting bone. Depending upon your socket design, the oval gel pad may not be comfortable directly underneath your sitting bone where you find yourself sitting on the pad.
  3. Add both the Large and Small Gel strips, side-by-side and stacked, beginning along the area where your jean's back pocket starts. This use case will tighten your prosthetic above-knee socket. Place the socket pads in-between the inner and outer socket (if you have an inner socket); or inside your prosthetic liner, fabric side against your skin.

Don't hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team with questions on how-to use this product. 

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Care Instructions

We recommend that you hand wash your Socket Adjustment Gel pads with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly. Pat off excess water and lay flat to completely air dry.


Do not wear your Socket Adjustment Pads for more than 20 hours daily. Do not place your Socket Adjustment Gel Pads on open wounds, abraded or broken skin. Discontinue use immediately if product causes discomfort, poor circulation, and/or change in skin color or texture occurs. Contact your doctor or healthcare provider promptly. Keep product out of the reach of children.

Amputee Essentials Product Numbers
  • Horseshoe  SAHG25
  • Large Strips  SASGL
  • Small Strips  SASGS
  • Oval  SAOG
  • Complete Kit  SASGKIT


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