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Ossur Foot Shell Removal Tool

by Ossur


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Ossur Foot Shell Removal Tool

by Ossur



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  • Specifically designed for removing Flex Feet prosthetic foot shells
  • Shoe horn may work with other prosthetic feet check with your prosthetist
  • It makes removing your prosthetic foot shell to change your spectra sock much easier
  • Foot Shell removal difficulty level is High
  • Sold each
  • Made in the Iceland

Foot Shell Shoehorn is a removal tool that prosthetists use to safely removing a prosthetic foot shell.  The special contours and lip on the end of the shoe horn prevents splintering of your carbon heel when used properly.  Use this foot shell removal tool if you need to change out a worn spectra sock or clean your foot shell.  



Directions for Use

With your prosthetic foot still assembled onto your prosthesis (do not dissemble your prosthesis), apply weight to the toe.  Place your Flexfoot Shoe Horn into the heel area and use the smaller end  to lift the inner rubber heel lip of the foot shell to release the carbon heel.  To place your foot shell back onto your carbon foot place the toe into the foot shell all the way and then apply weight to the heel.  You should feel a "snap" when the heel seats properly. 

 **Warning, extra care is required to prevent splintering of the carbon prosthetic foot heel.**


Warning! Extra care is required to prevent splintering of the carbon prosthetic foot heel. Numerous unsuccessful attempts to remove your foot shell can damage your expensive carbon foot. We are not responsible for damage caused to your prosthetic foot.


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