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Silipos Antibacterial Silosheath Prosthetic Gel Sheath, 2 ply, 2 mm gel

by Silipos


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Silipos Antibacterial Silosheath Prosthetic Gel Sheath, 2 ply, 2 mm gel

by Silipos



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  • Silver Ion helps controls odors
  • Antibacterial Silosheath kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and fungus
  • Antibacterial ingredient is contained in the gel for complete protection
  • 2 ply, 2mm gel
  • Reduces friction, shearing, and abrasion on residual limb
  • Can be used as a night time conditioner and post op scarring aid
  • Latex free and hypoallergenic
  • Sold each
  • Made in the USA

Silipos Antibacterial Silosheath™ is a prosthetic sheath lined with Silipos’ medical grade mineral oil gel. What makes this sock so special is its gel contains a proven antimicrobial ingredient that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and fungus. The antibacterial ingredient also offers built in odor protection. The Antibacterial Silosheath can be used with most prosthetic socket designs. This Silipos product is washable and reusable. This Siliosheath with antibacterial gel is a must have if you’re an active individuals or find yourself sweating all day. You make a habit of following proper limb hygiene and you change socks daily. However, your residual limb is going to sweat and this trapped sweat quickly becomes smelly, because of bacteria that feed on it, producing that all too familiar smell. The protection you gain from an Antibacterial SiloSheath begins to work on first contact with the body, and the regenerative, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties remain wash after wash.


Medical Grade Mineral Oil Gel

Directions for Use

When putting the Silipos Antibacterial Silosheath on, roll the Silosheath up from the bottom instead of pulling on. (Note: In some cases, because of residual limb conditions, it may be advisable to wear a plain sheath under the Silosheath.) For removal, roll the Antibacterial Silosheath from the top down.

Care Instructions

Silipos recommends that the Antibacterial Silosheath be hand washed with ph balanced mild soap and water after each use. No bleach. After washing, pat excess water off with a towel and lay flat to air dry 24-36 hours. It is not advisable to wear or store Antibacterial Silosheath when damp. A foam insert is in the bag to maintain the original shape of the Antibacterial Silosheath. Reinsert the foam for storage when not in use. Silipos suggests inserting the foam into the Silosheath when the sheath is dry.


Do not place this sheath on open wounds. If irritation, discomfort or poor circulation occurs, discontinue use and notify your physician or prosthetist immediately. Do not wear this sheath for more than 20 hours daily.

Silipos Product Numbers
Size Antibacterial Silosheath Product Number
Size 1 14415
Size 2 14425
Size 3 14435
Size 4 14445
Size 5 14455
Size 6 14465
Size 7 14475
Size 8 14485


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