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DIY Prosthetic Cover

by STG


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DIY Prosthetic Cover

by STG



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  • DIY (Do-it-Yourself) project requiring moderate skill level
  • No need for machines or grinders
  • 30 Minute Application
  • One Size Available, Fits Most BK Prostheses
  • Thermoplastic Mesh
  • Bonding Tape Included
  • Easy to Remove

The Plastic Prosthetic Cover is a do-it-yourself prosthetic cover project for the moderately skilled individual. The Plastic Prosthetic Cover requires 30 minutes of your time for a simple cover alternative. Finish it off with cosmetic stockings and you’re done. This cover eliminates the need for machines or labor intensive foam shaping. Out of the box requires adjusting for size circumferentially and trim to fit. Bonding tape is included in the box. Further customize with heat forming if necessary. This is an ideal solution for a preparatory prosthesis, swim leg, or incontinent individuals.


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