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Ossur Iceross Distal Cup, Silicone

by Ossur


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Ossur Iceross Distal Cup, Silicone




  • Designed for residual limbs with minimal muscle coverage
  • Ossur Distal Cup makes silicone liners fit better if you have a lean residual limb
  • Reduces “pounding” sensation along the end of your limb
  • Plays well with Ossur Iceross silicone liners
  • Limits shear stress
  • Protects your residual limb
  • 13 sizes to fit above and below knee amputees
  • Made in the Iceland
  • Sold individually in a polybag

Ossur Distal Cup is ideal for amputees with residual limbs with very little muscle and fat coverage. The Ossur Distal Cup is an awesome prosthetic accessory intended to improve the fit and comfort level of an Ossur Iceross or similar silicone liner. Use your distal cup underneath your prosthetic liner to add padding and cushion. The end result is less peak pressure and prosthetic socket friction during walking.

Manufactured with Ossur’s DermoSil silicone, you’ll benefit from this prosthetic product if any of the following sounds familiar. A residual limb that is conical in shape, skin that has adhered to a bone or poor soft tissue coverage over the cut end of bone. The Distal Cup allows prosthetic users to avoid the expense of a custom liner by adding volume to the bottom of your residual limb. Now standard prosthetic liner sizes will fit better.

The Ossur Distal Cup also offers incredible protection for amputees whom experienced skin grafts, preventing painful shear of the skin.


Ossur DermoSil Silicone

Directions for Use
  1. Turn your Distal Cup inside out and position onto the bottom of your limb while avoiding any trapped air.
  2. Roll your Distal Cup up with both hands.
  3. Roll your Iceross prosthetic liner over your Distal Cup
Care Instructions

Wash the Distal Cup daily, especially on the inside. To do so, remove the cup, turn it inside out and use Iceross Clean and Simple Soap. Be sure to rinse with plenty of water, and wipe dry with a towel. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all soap residue


Anyone who develops skin irritation after contact with this material should discontinue its use immediately and consult a physician or Prosthetist.


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