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Ossur Iceross Clean & Simple Lubricant Spray, 250ml (8.8 oz)

by Ossur


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Ossur Iceross Clean & Simple Lubricant Spray, 250ml (8.8 oz)

by Ossur



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  • **Discontinued and replaced with Ottobock Lubricant Spray**
  • An absolute requirement for putting on Silicone and Gel liners that do not have a fabric outer layer.
  • Prevents silicone or gel material from sticking to itself when rolling on a prosthetic liner
  • 50-70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Safe for all silicone and gel prosthetic liners
  • 8 fl oz (250 ml) spray bottle, sold each

Ossur Clean & Simple Lubricate is a 50-70% Isopropyl Alcohol based prosthetic product used for rolling on silicone or gel liners onto your residual limb. If you ever attempted to roll on a silicone or gel liner without prosthetic lubricant it most likely ended in complete frustration and you having pull versus roll your prosthetic liner on. All prosthetic liners are designed to be rolled on versus pulled on. By rolling your liner on you avoid wrinkles in the liner, air from being trapped inside—which causes excessive perspiration—and prevents skin irritation along the top edge of the liner from a pulling affect. Ossur Clean & Simple Lubricate eliminates your liner’s stickiness and allows amputees to roll up silicone or gel liners and sheaths with ease. Iceross Clean & Simple lubricant spray aids the donning and doffing of Iceross Original without fabric cover and Iceross Seal-In liners.


Isopropyl alcohol

Directions for Use

To apply you must first reflect your liner inside out. Then spray a moderate amount (2-3 sprays) to the inside (actually the exterior liner surface) of your reflected liner with Ossur Clean & Simple Lubricate. Wipe any excess lubricant. Now you can simply roll your prosthetic liner on with ease.


Contains isopropyl alcohol: when using isopropyl alcohol as a lubricant, be careful not to trap any between the liner and your skin. This may cause skin irritation. For external use only. Flammable keep away from fire or flame.


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