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HealthSmart PocketDresser All-in-One Tool, One-Handed Tasks

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HealthSmart PocketDresser All-in-One Tool, One-Handed Tasks



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  • All-in-one dressing aid. This patented pocket-sized dressing aid contains four tools in one which fold neatly away when not in use. The multi-tool includes a quick-release hand strap and pocket clip.
  • Zipper pull. Pull up or pry out buried zipper tabs. Also makes undoing shoe laces quick and easy.
  • Button loop. Provides excellent control when fastening mid-sized shirt buttons.
  • Small button hook. Ideal for small or delicate shirt collar buttons.
  • Large button hook. Easily handles thick denim jean buttons.

PocketDresser tool by Healthsmart is a pocket-sized dressing aid. It includes both a quick-release hand strap and a pocket clip for portability. This four-tools-in-one handy device with a Zipper Pull, Button Loop, Small Button Hook and Large Button Hook can make dressing stress-free. The Zipper Pull can be used as a pull or to pry out hard to reach zippers, as well as, making shoe lace undoing a breeze.The Button Loop helps fasten most shirt buttons, while the Small Button Hook helps with small or delicate collar buttons and the Large Button Hook handles those frustrating jean buttons. Win your battles with buttons!


Each of the four tools inside the PocketDresser are manufactured from strong stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum.

Directions for Use

Insert hook or loop through button hole and capture top of button. Rotate upwards and draw button through hole.

PocketDresser Product Number
PocketDressser-Red 640-9050-0001


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