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Hosmer Prosthetic Bowling Attachment

Hosmer Prosthetic Bowling Attachment

by Hosmer Dorrance



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  • 5" long (11.4 cm)
  • Stop watching and start bowling again
  • Works in the same manner as a conventional hook terminal device
  • Encourages a more balanced physiologic approach
  • Includes expansion plug and nut
  • Made in the USA

There are many prosthetic terminal device attachments in the prosthetic marketplace that help add function to your current arm prosthesis. Hosmer has created the bowling attachment that makes it easier to start bowling again. The Hosmer Bowling Attachment features a nitrile rubber expansion sleeve at the end that uses spring compression to maintain “grip” on your bowling ball. When you’re ready to release for your triple strike, it operates similarly to a conventional Voluntary Opening hook.


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