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Dr Greenfield Chafe Shield Cream, 2 oz Size Tube

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Dr Greenfield Chafe Shield Cream, 2 oz Size Tube



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  • **In-Stock alternative is Amputee Essentials Chafe Barrier Cream in 3 oz size**
  • Topical anti-friction cream for those troublesome areas, ie the inside brim of an above knee prosthetic socket
  • Ideal for high activity amputees, especially those prosthetic wearers that jog, cycle and play sports
  • Non-greasy and unscented and will not stain your prosthetic socks
  • Provides relief for chafing along inner thigh area or along the back of your knee
  • Chafeshield creates a thin barrier of “armor” against repetitive trauma from friction
  • Made in the USA
  • 2 oz flip top squeeze tube

As a prosthetic user you should not have to slow down because of skin irritation. Dr. Greenfield’s Chafe Shield is a topical anti-friction cream that provides a barrier of protection to prevent and also help heal most types of skin irritation caused by friction. Dr. Greenfield’s Chafeshield is great for all amputation levels and is designed to help prevent and relieve chapping, chafing and blisters caused by the repetitive rubbing of normal movement inside your prosthetic socket.

Dr. Geenfield Chafe Shield’s anti-friction formula provides relief anywhere there is friction between you and your socket. Areas of suggested application are on your thigh skin around the inside brim of your AKA Prosthetic leg, or on either side of your shin bone for below knee amputees. Its been suggested that another great place to apply Dr. Greenfield’s Chafeshield cream is along your hamstrings directly above the below knee socket trimelines. Dr Greenfield’s ChafeShield is a non-greasy topical cream that penetrates quickly and is unscented and non-staining. It can handle any kind of activity you participate in. Dr. Greenfield’s Chafeshield should last most of the day without reapplying even if your prosthetic wear time is 8-10 hours per day.


Deionized water, stearic acid, refined lanolin, and lanolin alcohol

Directions for Use

Apply chafing cream liberally as often as necessary. Store at room temperature and avoid excessive heat.


For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. If condition worsens or does not improve in 7 days, consult a Prosthetist or doctor. Do not apply over deep puncture wounds, lacerations, or infected areas.

ChafeShield Additional Information

Helps provide relief anywhere skin is at-risk for painful rubbing. Uses include: on feet, between legs, inside upper arms, under bras, shirts, and shorts. Also can be used on sun burned and wind burned skin.


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