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Daw Fix Prosthesis BK Sleeve Suspension, Breathable Fabric Construction

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Daw Fix Prosthesis BK Sleeve Suspension, Breathable Fabric Construction



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Sleeve Length

  • Helps make your prosthesis and residual limb become a team
  • Designed for Below Knee Amputees as a cotton and elastic suspension sleeve
  • Top band offers controlled elasticity in width prevents blood vessels constriction
  • 2-way elasticity surrounding you offers less restriction when bending your knee
  • Strong elastic compression along prosthesis promises a tight grip on your prosthesis
  • Prosthetic Sleeve Sold individually

DAW Industries Fix-Prosthesis Knee Sleeve was designed with purpose. DAW claims that their knee sleeve has three distinct areas that aid in suspending your below knee prosthesis. The first section holds onto your thigh and offers controlled elasticity. While the middle area surrounding your knee has two-way elasticity allowing freedom of knee movement. And last, this fabric knee sleeve has a strong elastic compression area that guarantees a tight grip on your prosthesis.


37% Polymide, 35% Elastic, 28% Cotton

Directions for Use

Fix-Prosthesis Knee Sleeve Installation 1. Slip 3 ¼” of the Fix-Prosthesis over your prosthesis, the narrow end first. 2. Fold over the remaining portion of the Fix-Prosthesis onto the calf section of the prosthesis. 3. Place your residual limb inside the prosthesis in your usual manner. 4. Reflect the folded portion in step 2 over your knee and onto your thigh.

Care Instructions

DAW Industries strongly recommends their Fix-Prosthesis prosthetic sleeves be laundered after 8 - 16 hours of wear, and allowed to dry completely before applying to the prosthesis. Machine wash, No bleach or solvents, Delicate cycle, Air Dry Thoroughly


Anyone who develops skin irritation after contact with this material should discontinue its use immediately and consult a physician or Prosthetist.


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