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BK Waist Suspension Belt, Non-Elastic, Adjustable

by Solis


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BK Waist Suspension Belt, Non-Elastic, Adjustable

by Solis



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Prosthetic Side

  • White cotton webbing waist belt
  • Fully adjustable to a complete range of waist straps
  • 30-40 inch circumference x 2 inch dimensions
  • 7 inch billet

Waist belt suspension is designed to work with transtibial (below knee) prostheses. The patient wears a belt made of leather, cotton webbing, or nylon webbing around his/her waist. An elastic strap extends from the belt to a leather strap attached to the medial and lateral (sides) surfaces of the prosthetic socket. This design provides assistance with extension of the residual limb and is indicated for amputees with weak musculature. The waist belt is one of the original suspension styles for transtibial (below knee) amputees. Today it is primarily used for patients who have experienced difficulty with, or cannot tolerate, other forms of suspension.


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