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Amputee Essentials Resilience Prosthetic Salve, 15ml Travel Packet

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Amputee Essentials Resilience Prosthetic Salve, 15ml Travel Packet



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Amputee Essentials Resilience Prosthetic Salve is a game changing salve that offers on-the-spot, targeted relief for skin grafts, compromised skin, high friction areas, boney prominences--anywhere skin is at risk inside your prosthetic socket. It provides a long-lasting, soothing, protective barrier that’s made up of ingredients, which offer disinfectant, fungicidal and healing properties. Designed for amputees, Prosthetic Salve deeply hydrates dry skin while helping defend against prosthetic stressors. Amputee Essentials formulated their prosthetic salve to soothe and protect the skin inside your prosthesis.  Skin-restoring ingredients and proven emollients revive your skin’s barrier, leading to healthier more resilient skin. Contains no parabens or synthetic fragrances.

Resilience Prosthetic Salve is designed for all amputation and skin types. This product is used by amputees who are experiencing a rash, contact dermatitis or an abrasion. It’s compatible with prosthetic locking liners made with mineral oil based gel, urethane and silicone materials. All Prosthetic Salve ingredients are clinically proven safe and effective.


  • Skin-restoring ingredients and proven emollients revive your skin’s protective barrier.
  • Prosthetic Salve offers on-the-spot, targeted relief.
  • Contains lubricating additives preventing skin cell damage caused by excessive prosthetic socket friction or rubbing.
  • Conditions skin for more severe issues including Folliculitis, Cellulitis and Boils. 
  • Contains no parabens or synthetic fragrances.
  • Safe for all skin types and hypoallergenic.
  • Citrus Scent
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Travel Packets are 15 ml each (Total 45 ml)
  • Each Travel Packet contains 3-4 uses (Total 9-12 uses)
  • Sold each


For best results Amputee Essentials suggests cleaning those affected areas with a hypoallergenic prosthetic cleanser and allow your skin to dry.  Apply a liberal layer of Prosthetic Salve using a clean fingertip over any affected areas on your residual limb. No need to deeply massage into the skin. Use as necessary.


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