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How-to Measure Basics

What type of measuring device should I use?

When taking body measurements, you need to use the correct type of tape measure. You will want to use a soft cloth or flexible plastic/rubber tape measure, such as is used in sewing. Do not use a metal measuring tape such as is used in construction (it will be inaccurate).

Measuring basics

You want to be sure that when you measure, the tape is straight and in line with the appropriate body part. For example, for most circumference measurements the tape will need to be parallel to the floor while while lengths will need to be either parallel or perpendicular (based on the line orientation of the body part being measured). Make sure that you write down the measurements as you take them, so that you do not forget them and need to take them again.

Measurement Warnings!

Do not pull the measuring tape too tight to where it will press into the skin, though this will give a smaller measurement, it will not be accurate if you are truly trying to record correct size information.

Payment and Taxes

Does Amputee Store accept Medicare or insurance payments?

No. At this time Amputee Store does not accept any 3rd party billing methods. Our customers must pay via credit card or PayPal for their products. Customers may then submit their invoice as proof of payment for their goods to their respective insurance provider. Amputee Store makes no guarantees that the items you purchase are subject to reimbursement.

Do you allow Cashier's Checks or Money Orders?

Yes, AMPUTEE STORE does accept Money Orders. Select Money Order at checkout and follow instructions provided for mailing payment to our Lock Box.

Can I buy with a purchase order?

No. We do not accept purchase orders. We only accept payment via credit card and PayPal. If you are from a healthcare institution with a special payment request, kindly contact our team here.

Are there any taxes I will have to pay?

AMPUTEE STORE will collect all California State and LA County sales taxes as applicable for the State of California only. All orders from outside of California are not taxed by our system.


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