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Ossur Pressure Prosthetic Socket Pads

by Ossur


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Ossur Pressure Prosthetic Socket Pads

by Ossur



  • Designed to reduce peak pressure
  • Constructed of hard silicone
  • Designed to tighten your socket and relieve bony prominences

The Ossur Pressure Pads are designed to reduce peak pressures in sockets due to prominent bony areas. Made from a non-compressible silicone that optimizes pressure redistribution, pressure pads can improve the comfort of laminated, thermoformed or directly manufactured sockets. The pads feature a self-adhesive backing to enable easy application.

Wearing an AK suction socket with a silicone inner socket and frame?  Place an Ossur Pressure Socket Pad between the prosthetic socket frame and silicone inner socket.  The effect is a tighter socket or if placed properly less pressure over a bone.  The same can work for below-knee amputees trying to self-adjust their prosthetic socket.  Use with care.




Remove pads immediately if you sense any discomfort and consult with your Prosthetist.


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