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Skin Protectants & Treatments from

What are prosthetic skin protectants and treatments? How are do they address common skin issues that plague prosthetic users?  Bearing two and half times your body weight on an area of your body not engineered to do so can increases the occurrence of skin issues for amputees. Prosthetic skincare products are formulated differently than similar over-the-counter products at your local drug store. Brands such as Amputee Essentials and Ottobock contain a higher percentage of lubricating additives to reduce prosthetic chafing and rubbing.  Prosthetic Salve, Chafe Barrier Cream and Derma Prevent also take into consideration the after effects of wearing a prosthesis by adding moisturizers, essential oils and avoiding ingredients that irritate sensitive skin or harm prosthetic sleeves and liners.  Learn how-to create a amputee skin care regimen. Start delving deeper into prosthetic skin care by reading our Prosthetic Personal Care Guide.


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