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Ottobock Derma ProFlex Sleeve, Anatomical Pre-Shaped, Vacuum Suspension

by Ottobock


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Ottobock Derma ProFlex Sleeve, Anatomical Pre-Shaped, Vacuum Suspension

by Ottobock


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  • Derma Proflex and Proflex Short Sleeve will wrinkle less around the back of your knee because of its anatomical shape
  • 15 degree preflexed position reduces pressure on kneecap during knee flexion
  • Proflex tapered shape creates less constriction along the thigh area
  • Less chance of your sleeve “rolling” along the top
  • Available in Standard and Short lengths
  • New Derma Proflex Short in approximately 12 inch length
  • Considered by many amputees as the best prosthetic sleeve for vacuum systems
  • Increased functionality and improved comfort
  • Designed in Germany
  • Silver & Black color
  • Sold each

The Ottobock Derma ProFlex Sleeve and Proflex Short are prosthetic sealing sleeves designed for amputees looking for the ultimate adhesion from their prosthetic sleeve. Ottobock’s engineers have spent countless hours testing and retesting, to deliver a sealing sleeve that is both comfortable and durable. Easily employ your Derma ProFlex as your primary prosthetic suspension or compliment a suction or vacuum setup.

The Derma ProFlex features an anatomical shape that will limit wrinkling in the back of the knee and reduce pressure along the kneecap. By tapering the ProFlex’s profile, amputees will notice less constriction along the top of the thigh and better accommodation of fuller thighs. The conical shape along the top and bottom increases wearing comfort and improves the seal around the prosthetic socket.

Ottobock constructed the Derma ProFlex using Copolymer gel which is great for your skin. While wearing your sleeve the mineral oil gel slowly diffuses oil to lubricate and condition your skin. Ottobock’s gel combines near perfect skin adhesion with elasticity allowing for great range of motion and security .


Durable Copolymer (TPE) Gel covered with a prosthetic textile

Directions for Use
  • Take the packaging foam out of the Ottobock Derma Proflex and keep it for use when storing the prosthetic sleeve
  • Turn the distal half of the knee sleeve inside out so that the gel is on the outside
  • Put it on top of the prosthesis and roll the outside turned gel down on the socket
  • To don the prosthesis roll down the top half of the Knee Sleeve
  • Pull the Proflex wrinkle free over your residual limb
  • To remove the prosthesis follow the steps in reverse order
Care Instructions

After use, hand wash your Derma Proflex Knee Sleeve with Derma Clean 453H10 (or ph-neutral soap) and warm water (approx. 30 °C / 86 °F). Do not wring! Rinse thoroughly under clear, running water. Blot the Knee Sleeve with a towel. Let it air dry completely on a rack or flat on a towel.

For better hygiene it is recommended the Knee Sleeve be removed for a few hours each day, thus providing the skin with fresh air.

When not using the TPE suspension sleeve, insert the packaging foam back into the Knee Sleeve to allow for wrinkle free storage.


Use of improper cleaning agents

Damage to the product due to use of improper cleaning agents

  • Only clean the product with the approved cleaning agents.

Skin irritation, formation of eczema or infections due to contamination with germs

  • Only use the product on healthy skin.


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