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Daw MegaStretch Prosthetic Skin, DIY, Skin-like Texture - Small

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Daw MegaStretch Prosthetic Skin, DIY, Skin-like Texture - Small



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  • Designed for Below-the-knee amputees
  • DawSkin has a life like finish that both protects and enhances your prosthesis
  • Simple and easy to install onto your prosthesis
  • Available in a full array of skin tones as well as simulated “carbon fiber”!
  • Removable in case your prosthetist needs to make adjustments or alignment changes
  • Available in 5 sizes including Adolescent
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold each

The DawSkin Mega Stretch prosthetic skin is a great alternative to those super expensive custom prosthetic skins. This is the ideal cosmetic solution for those of you with a do-it-yourself mentality. Many prosthetic users apply a DawSkin because it looks fantastic and protects the internal components of your prosthesis. Don’t hesitate to make your new DawSkin reflect your personality by painting a tattoo or simulated hair. The DawSkin Mega-Stretch, as the name implies is a very stretchy prosthetic skin that is applied over an existing prosthetic foam cover. The DawSkin can be reapplied for those times when your Prosthetist has to adjust, repair or fix those annoying squeaks.

Installation Instructions

DawSkin Mega-Stretch application – Before applying, thoroughly warm the DawSkin with a hair dryer (not a heat gun.) Apply the DawSkin as you would a cosmetic stocking. Stretch the material over the heel. Then stretch fully up the prosthesis. Pull all the way above the socket brim. Add S-Glue Release formula to the socket brim and apply the skin onto the glued section. Hold for 20 seconds allowing the glue to cure. Once the glue has cured trim the edge with a sharp blade.

Care Instructions

For general cleaning, the DawSkin can be cleaned with soap and water using a clean soft cloth. Do not use chlorine, acetone or abrasive detergents. In case of marks or stains, use DawSkin Cleaner ™.


It’s very important that you follow the application instructions included with each DawSkin. Failure to follow the instructions may lead to premature skin failure or foam cover damage.


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