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Ottobock Prosthetic Liner Drying Stand

by Ottobock


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Ottobock Prosthetic Liner Drying Stand

by Ottobock



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  • Recommended by prosthetic liner manufacturers
  • Prosthetic liner stand 3 Piece Design, Easy to dissemble for travel
  • Some assembly required
  • Sold each in polybag
  • 20 3/4 inch (52.8 cm) tall

Ottobock Prosthetic Liner Drying Stand is the ideal method to allow your expensive prosthetic liners to dry evenly and maintain their shape after each washing. Most prosthetic manufacturers require that you reflect your liner inside out and wash with a pH balanced soap or wipe and then allow to dry on a stand.

Using a Ottobock Liner Drying Stand is the best technique to properly caring for your liner. Employing different methods to dry your liner can be a hassle and achieve poor results. Once you've washed both the inside and outside you can pat dry your liner, however this tends to leave fibers from the towel on the gel surface. Simply placing your liner on towel is not ideal for two reasons. First, your risk coming back to a misshapen liner. And second, often times the liner doesn't dry evenly and may still be wet inside. The alternative is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) drying liner stand. We've seen amputees use their local hardware store and bolt plumbing to their bathroom sink cabinet door or create a similar drying stand to the Ottobock Liner Drying Stand using plumbing parts. The problem is this DIY approach can be expensive after parts and time consuming.

Liner Drying Stand Materials


Directions for Use

Reflect your prosthetic liner right side out after washing and place over drying stand. Make sure your drying stand in on a stable surface.

Ottobock Part Numbers

Prsothetic Drying Stand liners: 5Y100=1



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