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Comfort Prosthetic Stump Sheaths

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Comfort Prosthetic Stump Sheaths



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  • Reinforced toe area for greater wear resistance
  • Unique open mesh design conforms to your residual limb better and adds ventilation
  • Turned welt construction provides strength where it is needed most
  • Offered in AK and BK amputee versions
  • Comfort Sheaths are available with a reinforced hole-in-the toe
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold individually in a sealed polybag

Comfort Products Prosthetic Sheaths offer great comfort and durability in one single package. The objective when wearing a prosthetic sheath is to reduce any shear stresses or rubbing along specific areas of your residuum. Simply drinking your morning coffee or having a Coke or Pepsi at lunch can cause natural volume changes leading to discomfort. As a prosthetic user you can address this discomfort by using a friction fighting sheath. The stretchable nylon and polyester construction offers a snug fit that safeguards your limb against friction caused by socket looseness. Sheaths function as a barrier to perspiration and Comfort Stump Sheaths are no exception.


Stretchable nylon and polyester construction

Care Instructions

Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle. No Bleach


Please make sure your Comfort Prosthetic Sheath is out of reach from other prosthetic components that contain Velcro.

Comfort Sheaths Product Numbers
Style Standard with 3S/Bottom Hole
BK Medium SHM SHM3
AK Medium SHA SHA3


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