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Knit-Rite Silver Sheath, Antimicrobial Fibers, 6 Sheaths/Package

by Knit Rite


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Knit-Rite Silver Sheath, Antimicrobial Fibers, 6 Sheaths/Package



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Sheath Size | Length

  • Silver Prosthetic Sheath with X-Static fights odors
  • Silver sheath sizing available for below-knee amputees
  • Fights friction and wicks sweat
  • Silver assists in residual limb temperature consistency
  • Promotes healthy skin by reducing odor causing bacteria
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold 6 Silver Sheaths/Package

Knit-Rite Silver Sheath with X-Static offers the same smart engineering as other prosthetic sheaths in Knit-Rite’s family of sheaths. The Silver Sheath goes a step further and fights odor causing bacteria along with managing socket friction. Adding X-Static to their standard Knit-Rite Prosthetic Sheath makes this sheath a favorite among amputees. Assuming you wear it all day long, it’s nice to know that the Silver Sheath keeps odors at bay and helps keep skin temperature consistent. Knit-Rite placed transfers (Knit-Rite's logo) on both sheaths of the pair to help you position the sheath to maximize comfort.


100% Nylon and X-Static

Care Instructions

Silver Sheaths may be hand or machine washed. Use soap or mild detergent in warm water. (No Bleach.) Rinse thoroughly. Air dry overnight or tumble dry low.


Wear a clean prosthetic sheath every day for proper residual limb care.


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