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Syncor Durasleeve BK Prosthetic Sleeve Suspension, Suction Fit, Standard & Heavy Duty

by Syncor


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Syncor Durasleeve BK Prosthetic Sleeve Suspension, Suction Fit, Standard & Heavy Duty

by Syncor



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Thickness Option

  • Pre-flexed 15 degrees to reduce discomfort along your knee cap and improve suspension
  • Syncor Durasleeve is available in 1/8” Standard and 3/16” Heavy Duty
  • Forms an airtight hypobaric suction suspension to significantly reduce pistoning over other neoprene sleeves
  • Reinforced inner Lycra panel along the socket trimelines to substantiate its name, DuraSleeve
  • Syncor Durasleeve seam is sewn and glued for extra durability
  • Not intended for Vacuum Systems
  • Patented neoprene suspension design
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold each

Syncor Durasleeve BK leg sleeve is a neoprene reinforced prosthetic sleeve that offers an airtight fit for those moderate to highly active amputees. This is not your average neoprene sleeve for amputees. The Syncor Durasleeve was thoughtfully engineered for prosthetics and is worn by hundreds of BK amputees who play hard on the weekends. The Durasleeve's Lycra reinforced inner panel reduces wear and tear from sharp prosthetic trimelines and its seams are glued and stitched. Syncor made this suspension sleeve pre-flexed enhancing suspension by preventing knee bunching in the back and folding of neoprene in the front that typically occurs. This also allows the Durasleeve sleeve to maintain better suction suspension because it moves with you and will not separate from your thigh. This Syncor Durasleeve was thoughtfully created without seams over your knee cap to provide greater comfort and less skin irritation.


High quality neoprene and lycra

Care Instructions

It is strongly recommended that Durasleeves neoprene prosthetic sleeves be laundered after 8 - 16 hours of wear, and allowed to dry completely before applying to the prosthesis.

Machine wash, No bleach or solvents, Delicate cycle, Air Dry Thoroughly


Rubber manufacturer’s warning: Amputees with known susceptibility to dermatitis or with broken skin should avoid contact with this material. Anyone who develops skin irritation after contact with this material should discontinue its use immediately and consult a physician or Prosthetist.


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