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Knit-Rite X-Wool Prosthetic Sock, Absorbent Virgin Wool, Anti-Bacterial

by Knit Rite


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Knit-Rite X-Wool Prosthetic Sock, Absorbent Virgin Wool, Anti-Bacterial

by Knit Rite



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Sock Ply

  • X-Wool is made from Virgin Wool offering absorbent properties and thick cushioning
  • Available with sewn (distal) Hole-in-Toe for locking prosthetic liner pins
  • Resists shrinkage and insanely high quality from a company that’s been around since the 1920s
  • Knit-Rite claims thermodynamic properties to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Features X-STATIC an array of fibers fabricated with pure silver to inhibit odors in the prosthetic sock
  • Fleeced for additional softness
  • This prosthetic sock is engineered for amputees with Lycra to maintain its shape and not bunch during knee flexion
  • Available in 3 Ply and 5 Ply
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold each in a sealed polybag

The Knit-Rite X-Wool Prosthetic Sock with X-STATIC is a relatively new prosthetic sock from Knit-Rite that contains a few high performance features. The Knit-Rite X-Wool is made from Virgin Wool, the most popular natural sock textile. Wool offers cushioning and may be considered by many amputees as more durable than a cotton alternative. Designed with X-STATIC, Knit-Rite wanted you to benefit from thermal conductivity so your residual limb at an even temperature. The silver infused X-STATIC promotes skin hygiene by protecting against bacterial growth and fungi.


Virgin Wool – plaited inside with polyester/X-STATIC®/Lycra® core-spun yarn.

Care Instructions

Wash your Knit-Rite XWool every day with fleece side in. Place socks between white or light colored items in washer. Machine wash in warm water with all purpose detergent similar to Woolite, non-chlorine bleach only when needed. No liquid softeners. Rinse thoroughly and pull taut, toe to top. Last tumble dry, low heat. A sheet softener may be used.


Wear a clean xwool prosthetic sock every day for proper residual limb care.

Knit-Rite Standard Sock Size Chart

Use the "Size Chart Guide" above for details on how to measure yourself for a Knit-Rite X-Wool Prosthetic Sock. The size chart below is for reference only and copied from Knit-Rite's product packaging.

Narrow 00, 0, AS, AL
Medium 1, 2
Wide 3, 4
A 4 in (10cm) 3 in (7.5cm)
B 5.5 in (14cm) 3.5 in (9cm)
Size 0 6 in (15cm) 3.5 in (9cm)
Size 1 7 in (17.5cm) 4 in (10cm)
Size 2 8 in (20cm) 5 in (12.5cm)
Size 3 9 in (23cm) 6 in (15cm)
Size 4 10 in (25cm) 7 in (17.5cm)
Size 5 11 in (27.5cm) 7 in (17.5cm)
Size 6 12 in (30cm) 8 in (20cm)
Knit-Rite Product Numbers
Narrow | X-Short 3 Ply No 1WX3NAXS
Narrow | X-Short 3 Ply Yes 1WX3SNXS
Narrow | X-Short 5 Ply No 1WX5NAXS
Narrow | X-Short 5 Ply Yes 1WX5SNXS
Narrow | Short 3 Ply No 1WX3NASH
Narrow | Short 3 Ply Yes 1WX3SNSH
Narrow | Short 5 Ply No 1WX5NASH
Narrow | Short 5 Ply Yes 1WX5SNSH
Narrow | Regular 3 Ply No 1WX3NARG
Narrow | Regular 3 Ply Yes 1WX3SNRG
Narrow | Regular 5 Ply No 1WX5NARG
Narrow | Regular 5 Ply Yes 1WX5SNRG
Narrow | Long 3 Ply No 1WX3NALG
Narrow | Long 3 Ply Yes 1WX3SNLG
Narrow | Long 5 Ply No 1WX5NALG
Narrow | Long 5 Ply Yes 1WX5SNLG
Medium | X-Short 3 Ply No 1WX3MDXS
Medium | X-Short 3 Ply Yes 1WX3SMXS
Medium | X-Short 5 Ply No 1WX5MDXS
Medium | X-Short 5 Ply Yes 1WX5SMXS
Medium | Short 3 Ply No 1WX3MDSH
Medium | Short 3 Ply Yes 1WX3SMSH
Medium | Short 5 Ply No 1WX5MDSH
Medium | Short 5 Ply Yes 1WX5SMSH
Medium | Regular 3 Ply No 1WX3MDRG
Medium | Regular 3 Ply Yes 1WX3SMRG
Medium | Regular 5 Ply No 1WX5MDRG
Medium | Regular 5 Ply Yes 1WX5SMRG
Medium | Long 3 Ply No 1WX3MDLG
Medium | Long 3 Ply Yes 1WX3SMLG
Medium | Long 5 Ply No 1WX5MDLG
Medium | Long 5 Ply Yes 1WX5SMLG
Wide | Short 3 Ply No 1WX3WDSH
Wide | Short 3 Ply Yes 1WX3SWSH
Wide | Short 5 Ply No 1WX5WDSH
Wide | Short 5 Ply Yes 1WX5SWSH
Wide | Medium 3 Ply No 1WX3WDMD
Wide | Medium 3 Ply Yes 1WX3SWMD
Wide | Medium 5 Ply No 1WX5WDMD
Wide | Medium 5 Ply Yes 1WX5SWMD


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