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Comfort Angel Prosthetic Gel Sock, Mineral Oil Gel, Coolmax Interior

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Comfort Angel Prosthetic Gel Sock, Mineral Oil Gel, Coolmax Interior



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Sock Length

  • X-Static silver offers natural anti-microbial protection against odor causing bacterial buildup and fungus
  • Angel sock offers gel cushion relief
  • 4 Ply sock thickness
  • Breathable CoolMax keeps you dryer and cooler in the summer
  • Interior lining of prosthetic sock is layered with fleece offering a soft “fresh” sock feel
  • Comfort Products claims this sock is capable of preventing dermatitis and rashes
  • Unbelievable stretch, offers amputees with a unique shaped limb to be fitted properly
  • Nylon and cotton stretch outer shell
  • Made in the USA
  • One Angel Gel Sock per bag

Comfort Products Angel Gel Sock is a prosthetic sock employing many different textiles to create the perfect gel sock for those amputees dealing with odor, pressure discomfort and dermatitis. This unique patented hybrid prosthetic textile features both man-made and natural fibers. Dupont’s CoolMax fibers help wick perspiration away from your limb to combat excessive perspiration. If any prosthetic sock for amputees could be considered a “work horse” this would be the sock, considering it can control moisture, offer pressure relief and limit odors. Comfort Angel Gel Sock is available in multiple lengths and different inner gel core lengths.


Comfort ComforGel, Cotton Stretch, Nylon, X-Static and CoolMax

Care Instructions

Angel Gel Sock washing instructions begin with turning the sock inside out. Machine wash using cool water and delicate fabric cycle. Do not bleach. Spin dry in washer. Fluff in dryer very low heat. Comfort Products recommends you do not use this sock when damp.

Comfort Product Numbers
Sock Length Product Number
12 inches | 9 inch ANGELY
14 inches | 9 inch ANGELY14


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