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Alps Skin Reliever Gel Sheath, Tapered from 3 - 1.5 mm

by ALPS South


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Alps Skin Reliever Gel Sheath, Tapered from 3 - 1.5 mm

by ALPS South



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Sheath Size

  • Alps Skin Reliever tightens loose fitting prosthetic sockets and dramatically reduces sock ply count
  • Awesome prosthetic tool for new amputees “swimming” in their existing sockets while they await a socket replacement
  • Alps gel sheath is made with Alps EasyGel which has 2000% elasticity
  • 1.5 mm (top) to 3 mm (bottom) tapered thickness
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold each

The ALPS Skin Reliever Gel Sheath is categorized as a sheath because it acts as shear and friction reducing barrier between your skin and prosthetic socket. This alps gel sheath works double duty if necessary and can tighten a loose fitting socket. If your prosthetic socket is loose, you may experience the sensation that your prosthesis feels heavier, which can also result in skin irritation from rubbing. The idea behind the Alps Skin Reliever Gel Sheath is now you don’t have to suffer through the day with a loose socket consisting of a 25 ply sock fit. Simply add an Alps Skin Reliever and tighten your socket on your own schedule.

It’s possible to place a Skin Reliever inside a gel pin locking liner or inside a foam pelite liner. An Alps Skin Reliever Gel Sheath varies in thickness from 1.5 mm at the top to 3 mm along the bottom. That kind of gel thickness can reduce your sock ply count by 5-10 ply thickness while simultaneously protecting your skin from abrasions and friction. Alps Skin Reliever Gel Sheath offers both superior comfort and durability. Don't hesitate to add a Tamarack Glidewear underneath your skin reliever to further absorb friction and prevent blisters.


Alps uses a proprietary compound called Easygel and is made from a combination of Styrene Triblock Copolymer & Mineral Oil.

Directions for Use

Although it is not necessary to apply any type of lubricant to your residual limb or Skin Reliever, you may use either talcum powder or a very small amount of Resilience Fitting Lotion. Avoid petroleum jelly and other oil based lubricants as they will damage the gel. Apply your Alps Skin Reliever by either inverting and rolling it up like a prosthetic liner or using Resilience Fitting Lotion and pulling it up like a prosthetic sock.

If you choose to invert it, use a powder on the outside to facilitate rolling. Remove any air pockets trapped between your residual limb and Alps gel sheath.

Care Instructions

Daily: Be sure to clean your Alps Skin Reliever Sheath on a daily basis with a light washcloth and neutral/pH-balanced soap, Alps Prosthetic Cleanser PD595 and Ottobock Derma Clean are especially made for this purpose. Do not scrub or rub your Alps Skin Reliever during washing as this can damage the gel. Don't forget to rinse well because soap residue can cause skin issues. Make sure this alps gel sheath is completely dry before using. Wipe the sleeve dry with a clean towel and apply a light dusting of talcum powder to the outside of the gel sheath.

Weekly: Place a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a soft, clean cloth. Do not soak the Alps Skin Reliever in alcohol. Wipe the sheath with a cloth thoroughly, wipe dry with a towel and apply a light dusting of talcum powder to the outside.

Storing your Skin Reliever Sheath: Always keep the foam insert in the skin Reliever when not in use. Laying flat for long periods may cause creases to develop.


Consult with your local Prosthetist if you have concerns with your prosthetic socket fit and or comfort level.


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