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Knit-Rite Soft Sock with CoolMax Technology, Moisture Control, Sensitive Skin

by Knit Rite


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Knit-Rite Soft Sock with CoolMax Technology, Moisture Control, Sensitive Skin

by Knit Rite



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Sock Ply

  • Soft Sock is available with a bottom hole-in-the toe for locking liner pins
  • Non-roll top that prevents bunching
  • Patented seamless 3D rounded toe for an improved fit without the excess “tent” formation on the bottom as with other brands
  • Coolmax Extreme textile helps remove perspiration away from your skin to the outside of the sock
  • Each stump sock is color coded at the top depending on the sock ply thickness
  • Prosthetic textiles are resistant to shrinkage
  • Available in Lightweight, 3 Ply and 5 Ply thicknesses
  • If you need a Soft Sock with odor control look at Soft Sock with X-Static
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold each in sealed polybag

Knit-Rite Soft-Sock with Coolmax is a prosthetic sock designed as an easy to care for soft sock, capable of wicking perspiration away from your skin. Knit-Rite has been making prosthetic socks since the early 1920s and they know how to make a sock with longevity. The fine knit stump sock construction is of the highest quality in the prosthetic industry and can hold up to the most active people. If you wear a prosthetic liner with a locking pin the Soft-Sock Coolmax is available with a sewn hole-in-toe option. The Knit-Rite Soft-Sock contains 95.6% Coolmax extreme fibers allowing you to stay drier and more comfortable. Knit-Rite Soft-Sock prosthetic sock feels soft and huggable when worn against your skin and will keep you cooler in the summer and insulate your limb in an extreme cold winter. Knit-Rite added just enough Lycra so the Soft-Sock fits well and can accommodate many unique shapes.


95.6% Coolmax Extreme 4.4% Lycra

Care Instructions

Wash your Knit-Rite Soft-Socks every day right side out. Machine wash with all purpose detergent similar to Woolite, non-chlorine bleach only when needed Rinse thoroughly and pull taut, toe to top. No liquid softeners. Last tumble dry, low heat.


Wear a clean sock every day for proper residual limb care.

Knit-Rite Standard Sock Size Chart

Use the "Size Chart Guide" above for details on how to measure yourself for a Knit-Rite Soft Socks with Coolmax. The size chart below is for reference only and copied from Knit-Rite's product packaging.

Child A
Narrow B, 0, 1
Regular 1, 2
Wide 3+
A 4 in (10cm) 3 in (7.5cm)
B 5.5 in (14cm) 3.5 in (9cm)
Size 0 6 in (15cm) 3.5 in (9cm)
Size 1 7 in (17.5cm) 4 in (10cm)
Size 2 8 in (20cm) 5 in (12.5cm)
Size 3 9 in (23cm) 6 in (15cm)
Size 4 10 in (25cm) 7 in (17.5cm)
Size 5 11 in (27.5cm) 7 in (17.5cm)
Size 6 12 in (30cm) 8 in (20cm)
Knit-Rite Product Numbers
Child | Short Lightweight No 1SP1CHSH
Child | Short Lightweight Yes 1SPSCHSH
Child | Short 3 Ply No 1SP3CHSH
Child | Short 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SCSH
Child | Short 5 Ply No 1SP5CHSH
Child | Short 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SCSH
Narrow | Short Lightweight No 1SP1NASH
Narrow | Short Lightweight Yes 1SPSNASH
Narrow | Short 3 Ply No 1SP3NASH
Narrow | Short 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SNSH
Narrow | Short 5 Ply No 1SP5NASH
Narrow | Short 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SNSH
Narrow | Medium Lightweight No 1SP1NAMD
Narrow | Medium Lightweight Yes 1SPSNAMD
Narrow | Medium 3 Ply No 1SP3NAMD
Narrow | Medium 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SNMD
Narrow | Medium 5 Ply No 1SP5NAMD
Narrow | Medium 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SNMD
Narrow | Long Lightweight No 1SP1NALG
Narrow | Long 3 Ply No 1SP3NALG
Narrow | Long 5 Ply No 1SP5NALG
Regular | X-Short Lightweight No 1SP1RGXS
Regular | X-Short Lightweight Yes 1SPSRGXS
Regular | X-Short 3 Ply No 1SP3RGXS
Regular | X-Short 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SRXS
Regular | X-Short 5 Ply No 1SP5RGXS
Regular | X-Short 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SRXS
Regular | Short Lightweight No 1SP1RGSH
Regular | Short Lightweight Yes 1SPSRGSH
Regular | Short 3 Ply No 1SP3RGSH
Regular | Short 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SRSH
Regular | Short 5 Ply No 1SP5RGSH
Regular | Short 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SRSH
Regular | Medium Lightweight No 1SP1RGMD
Regular | Medium Lightweight Yes 1SPSRGMD
Regular | Medium 3 Ply No 1SP3RGMD
Regular | Medium 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SRMD
Regular | Medium 5 Ply No 1SP5RGMD
Regular | Medium 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SRMD
Regular | Long Lightweight No 1SP1RGLG
Regular | Long Lightweight Yes 1SPSRGLG
Regular | Long 3 Ply No 1SP3RGLG
Regular | Long 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SRLG
Regular | Long 5 Ply No 1SP5RGLG
Regular | Long 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SRLG
Wide | Short Lightweight No 1SP1WDSH
Wide | Short Lightweight Yes 1SPSWDSH
Wide | Short 3 Ply No 1SP3WDSH
Wide | Short 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SWSH
Wide | Short 5 Ply No 1SP5WDSH
Wide | Short 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SWSH
Wide | Medium Lightweight No 1SP1WDMD
Wide | Medium Lightweight Yes 1SPSWDMD
Wide | Medium 3 Ply No 1SP3WDMD
Wide | Medium 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SWMD
Wide | Medium 5 Ply No 1SP5WDMD
Wide | Medium 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SWMD


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