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Silipos Comfort Zone Single & Double Socket Gel Liner

by Silipos


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Silipos Comfort Zone Single & Double Socket Gel Liner

by Silipos



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Gel Liner Size
Gel Thickness

  • 3mm mineral oil gel in both Single Socket and Double Socket Gel Liner
  • Available in 3 ply (Single Socket) or 5ply (Double Socket)
  • 100% Coolmax fabric that wicks perspiration away from your limb allowing it to dissipate through the fabric
  • Double Socket Gel Liner has gel in-between coolmax fabric 
  • Single Socket Gel Liner has a tapered shape
  • Gel length is approximately 25cm from the bottom end
  • Patented mineral oil gel conforms around boney residual limbs and really moves with your limb
  • Silipos’ formulated gel provides cushion and prevents abrasions
  • Latex free and hypoallergenic
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold each in a sealed polybag

The Silipos Double and Single Socket Gel Liner may be considered a prosthetic gel liner with the purpose of replacing a traditional prosthetic liner. Most amputees with use the Single Socket Gel Liner in combination with prosthetic socks to tighten a loose socket.  The Double Socket Gel Liner is intended to offer protection against friction and better distribute pressure within your prosthesis.

Neither the Double nor Single Socket Gel Liner is capable of suspending your prosthesis because they are not available with a bottom pin lock mechanism. Silipos’ patented gel formulation provides a number of advantages with respect to conditioning your skin, dampening shocks and fighting friction. This prosthetic liner is indicated for below the knee (trans-tibial) amputees according to Silipos.

There are a few differences between the Single Socket and Double Socket Gel Liner variations. The most obvious difference is the Double Socket Gel Liner is manufactured with 2 layers of 100% Coolmax fabric equating to a 5 ply prosthetic sock. Silipos gel is then added between the two coolmax layers.

A Silipos Single Socket Gel Liner has one layer of 100% Coolmax fabric and is equivalent to a 3 ply prosthetic sock. The mineral oil gel layer will be in direct contact with your skin when wearing a Single Socket Gel Liner.

It’s a matter of preference on whether you want a layer of coolmax fabric or Silipos gel directly contacting your skin. The one thing most below-knee amputees notice is how conformable the tapered shaped of the single socket gel liner is when rolled onto your residual limb. If you have a conically shaped residual limb we’re sure you will grow to appreciate the extra cushion and skin conditioning properties of the single socket gel liner.


Coolmax fabric, Silipos Mineral Oil Gel

Directions for Use

Roll both the Single or Double Socket Gel Liner from the toe all the way upward so that the prosthetic socket liner completely covers your residual limb.

Care Instructions

Silipos recommends that you hand wash the Double/Single Socket Gel Liner with mild detergent (no bleach) or in gentle machine cycle. After washing, pat dry your prosthetic liner with a towel to absorb water. Turn Single/Double Socket inside out and repeat process. Air dry instructions: it may take between 24-30 hours to air dry. Turn it inside out to dry properly. Lightly dust the gel lining with powder after drying. The Double/Single Socket should only be worn when completely dry. Silipos suggests alternating with a fresh liner while second one is being washed and dried. The longevity of this liner depends upon several factors which include your weight, activity level and fit of your prosthesis.


Do not place the Double/Single Socket Gel Liner on an open wound. If irritation, discomfort or poor circulation occurs, discontinue use and notify your physician immediately. Do not wear the Double/Single Socket Gel Liner for more than 20 hours per day.

Silipos Product Numbers
Size Single Socket Gel Liner Double Socket Gel Liner
Narrow | Short 12725 12625
Regular | Short 12755 12655
Regular | Medium 12765 12665


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